eBook and paperback (8x10 b&w) by Christopher R Scott                      

"A Course In Miracles  In  Sight:

     A Guide For The Visual Learner"

Copyright 2017  Christopher R Scott.  All rights reserved.

Why are you not rejoicing?       T29 II 3.5

From the quiz:

 2. To perceive correctly, the “tables of the world” must be turned how many degrees?  A) 90  B) 180  C) 360    

 13. Adam and Eve covering themselves with fig leaves is an example of:  A) sin  B) magic  C) the miracle.

45. T or F:  In one’s mind one can instantly change an enemy into a brother by assigning to them the same purpose of healing as oneself, and one can heal oneself by seeing them as sinless.

58. A good miracle mantra would be:  A) "I am the happy manifester and attracter of the world I want"  B) "by sacrifice it was given me"  C) "I am the dreamer of this dream"

71. You do not realize that you can never not be as God created you because  A) you have forgotten who you are  B) you want to be clueless  C) both A and B

"This is brilliant. Fantastic value. I love it!"      "Great tool in helping understand acim teachings"   -reviews at amazon

Comprised of 300 diagrams and images, some commentary, many course quotes and a 75 question quiz, this book invites one to gain a detailed, and perhaps quicker, comprehension of ACIM’s vanguard teachings. In it, along with much more, is explained:

 -Who you are in Truth, and how this is blocked from your awareness.
 -Why there is misery and death if an eternal loving God created us. And why God could never have created them, or this world of form and fear.
 -Why all judgement is self-attack, and how this conflict becomes the foundation for all relationships here.
 -The only way, and place, that peace is restored.

This book is for Course students of all levels (the quiz however may be difficult for newcomers), and for anyone else with an interest in divinity, metaphysics and psychology. Diagrams are pinch-expandable on mobile devices.

All type in italics is quotation from A Course In Miracles.

Most hand-drawn figures: Copyright by Robert D Scott

used with permission

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