A Course In Miracles  In  Sight:


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eBook and paperback (8x10 b&w) by Christopher R Scott                     


Chapter 1     ONE
   1 I:   Heaven
   1 II:   Laws of Creation
      A:   Cause and effect are one
      B:   Ideas leave not their source
      C:   God creates by extension
      D:   giving will increase what you possess
      E:   What shares a common purpose is the same
   1 III:   There IS only One Mind
   1 IV:   The Holy Spirit and Jesus
   1 V:   God’s Peace, Love, Joy, and Will
Chapter 2     TWO
   2 I:   The Split Mind
      A:   The Divide
      B:   “You”: the Divider and the Divided
      C:   Split Goals
   2 II:   The Authority Problem
   2 III:   an alien will
      A:   Death and Specialness
      B:   Separation and Attack
   2 IV:   Sleeping in Dreams
   2 V:   The Mind’s First, Secret Inner Dream of Murder
      A:   Sin, Guilt, and Sin and Guilt
      B:   Fear
   2 VI:   The Mind’s Second, Outer Dream of the World
      A:   Projection
      B:   The World
      C:   The Body
      D:   Time
      E:   Perception and the great reversal
   2 VII:   you made it up
      A:   it is what you wish
      B:   an unholy purpose
   2 VIII:   Ego Defences: secret, magic wands you wave
      A:   Idols: figures in the dream
      B:   The Special Relationship:  fantasies in uninterrupted “bliss”
      C:   Sickness and Magic
   2 IX:   chaos sits in triumph on His throne: Its Five Laws
      A:   the truth is different for everyone
      B:   each one must sin
      C:   He has become the enemy Who caused it
      D:   it was taken from you
      E:   seizing it and making it you own
   2 X:   Insanity: war and vain imaginings
Chapter 3:     THREE
   3 I:     Forgiveness: Faith and belief and vision are the means
      A:     Faith: Willingness, Desire and Decision
      B:     Belief: only the truth is true
      C:     Vision: The Miracle
   3 II     The Holy Instant
      A:     The Holy Relationship: another interpretation
      B:     The Holy Purpose
      C:     Healing and The Happy Dream
   3 III     All you need do: God’s Word
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